Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hello Everyone,
We have had a lot of excitement around here this week. Don & Judy has decided to move back to Iowa. They turned Connies world upside down, as now she has to also find a place for her and Sassy to live. She would like to take a big step and buy a condo. Only one thing wrong with that idea, the one she likes hasn't even been started yet, and she don't know if she can afford the payments anyway. She got approved for a loan, but don't want to go that high. She don't want to get herself in trouble by getting something that she might not be able to keep up with. With Sassy being a boxer, apartment complexes don't want dogs over 35 pounds, and I am affraid that our Sassy weighs a bit more than that.
Don and Judy have the task of finding some place to live from long distance, although there is several people looking for them. All I know is that I'm glad that I am not having to face all these problems. Its such a daunting task to have to pack and move, let alone trying to buy a house and or selling one. As much as I like having family around, I guess I will get used to it once again. They know where to find us if they ever want to move back.
Well guess that will do it for tonight. I think Dale is ready for his computer, when I started this he was asleep, but I have been on here awhile. Guess I should have turned my own on.
Take care and will try to get something wrote this coming week. Happy Daylight Savings Time everyone.